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Testimonial 2017


Date: March 28, 2017
From: Laura Smith

Thank you so much for the great service and safe driving and conversation!

Best Wishes,

Laura Smith

From: Robert Renke <rr      @       .comt>
Date: October 30, 2016 at 10:50:35 AM
To: Customer Service <>
Vehicle: 2010 Saab 9-5 Aero
Subject: Thank You!

Thank you, Glenn and your team. You really saved me yesterday when I was 5 hours from home and dead with a coolant leak. The fix held up the entire ride home, and I was able to pick up my daughter and her friends from college safely and on time. The extra hose and coolant gave me further peace of mind on the journey. Your concern for my situation was notable and noble. And to refuse payment was just a remarkable gesture.

I was truly fortunate to have my incident so close to your shop. God bless you guys!

Robert Renke
Cary, NC

Edwin H. Johnson, II
Arlington, VA

July 20, 2016

Auto Scandia
Attn: Paul Garlem
134 Spring Street
Herndon, VA 20170

Dear Paul:

Thanks again for another great service last week for my 1988 Volvo 240 (maroon). I appreciate your replacement of the door pocket (passenger side) and will try to keep this one intact!

Thanks also for your work on the "no start" problem. With a car of this vintage, it takes an experienced eye to spot and repair the likely causes. So far, it's doing well.

I hope to keep this car running for a few more years and feel confident that you and the folks at Auto Scandia will help me get there. All the best!

Volvo review

Demandforce Review: September 22, 2016
William / Grant H.

I've been a customer since 1998. I have brought in Volvo's, Honda's, BMW's, and Acura's to AutoScandia and they provide tremendous service. I appreciated their complete honesty, great value, and warm customer service. I also highly recommend them to my friends and co-workers.

Yelp Review: August 9, 2016
Fred W., Washington, DC

I can't say enough about AutoScandia. I live in Capitol Hill and make the drive out to Herndon to have my BMW serviced because they've proven themselves to be the best in the area (I prefer them to Passport BMW hands down). Admittedly, the distance was enough of an inconvenience that I used other mechanics when I had basic maintenance needs or I thought an issue was minor, but I never got the same level of service and on more than one occasion I was forced to bring the car to AutoScandia to get the proper repairs anyway. I eventually got to the point where I won't go anywhere else.

Mark and his team have proven themselves to be the most honest mechanics that I've worked with in the area, and they do quality work. Since this is a review, it's worth acknowledging that AutoScandia isn't the cheapest option out there, but the honesty of the mechanics and their ability to correctly diagnose issues and make the appropriate repairs, more than makes up for that. And the ability to correctly diagnose issues and make the appropriate repairs, without upselling, is one of the most important qualities that one should seek in a mechanic.

Yelp Review: August 5, 2016
Martine M., Alexandria, VA

Great place to take your car for servicing for planned and unplanned circumstances. I was on my way to an important meeting and my car started making a strange noise so I pulled into their parking lot. They were clearly busy on a Friday and it happened to be during the lunch hour when the full staff was not available for walk ins. Glenn, the Service Advisor, stopped what he was doing to come out and take a look at what was going on with my car on the spot. They identified the problem and saw that it was a quick fix that he took back to get handled in a short period of time. I'm sure they would have preferred that I came back another time since I was walking in with a problem and was in a hurry to get in and out, but they went out of their way to help me anyways.

I'm sure there are many good people there but I was really impressed with Glenn's level of customer service. it's hard to find that these days. Class act of a place with great service and I would take my car back there anytime!

Google Review: May 2016
Daniel Huthwaite

AutoScandia is, without a doubt, the finest auto repair shop in the Metro DC area. Their front office staff is always knowledgeable and pleasant, several of the mechanics on staff have been working there for years, they don't cut corners but try to provide the best value to customers for repairs and they stand behind their work. In the 30 years that I've been taking my vehicles to them (Volvos and BMWs) I've never been disappointed. Just finding a shop with the honesty and integrity that they have should be enough of a recommendation but they fact that they almost always beat the dealer in price is icing on the cake. Mark Bredesen sets high standards for his employees and it shows. This is the only place I'll go for auto service.

Google Review: April 2016
Danny Arbello

A friend's whole family (4 cars, domestic and import) have been bringing the car there since it opened. So I tried them 5 years ago and haven't regretted it. I have a Volvo, Toyota and a Mini Cooper. They are honest and will recommend what really needs to be repaired. I brought my Mini in and was told I need major work and they gave me multiple option on how to handle it. I've recommend this place to many friends and co-workers and all have been happy with it.

Yelp Review: March 30, 2016
Jeff W., Ashburn, VA

Great experience with service on my Porsche Cayenne S! I met with the mechanic before and after my service. The staff was friendly and very helpful. Price was very reasonable. I plan to come back again.

From: Mobile Alerts
Date: August 7, 2015 at 7:20:47 PM EDT
To: Customer Service <>
Subject: New message from your mobile website,
Reply-To: <a        @     .com>

Subject: My BMW 528i

Message: Your service people replaced a headlamp, my oil and repaired steering belt issue on Friday, August 7.
This was the most efficient, painless, friendliest and by far most pleasant car repair service I've ever had anywhere!

Thank you Autoscandia. You can be sure I'll be back and I'll refer friends and family.

Annie Proeschold

Yelp Review: July 22, 2015
M D., Annandale, VA

I'm a backyard mechanic and am really skeptical of repair shops. BUT, based on my recent experience there, I will ONLY take my Volvo to AutoScandia. Dave was a mechanic with 36 years working on Volvos who did a test drive with me, and the time and expertise he offered explaining an issue to me was beyond belief! The staff is super, and I'm just astounded! Skip the dealers every time... trust these guys!

Yelp Review: January 27, 2015
Jose C., Falls Church, VAC

I have a 2000 BMW 328i that I've had for a few years now. I haven't had to do much maintenance other than the routine oil changes and such, until now. I had a major oil leak and coolant leak, along with a few other major items that needed to be repaired/replaced. I took it to a shop near my home, which turned out to be a big mistake. I realized that after the results from Autoscandia.

When it comes to cars, I lean on my father in-law for advice, as he is pretty savvy. He stumbled on Autoscandia for repairs on his BMW, and praised them like no other - in particular, Dan and Scott. I took his advice and decided to go to them. Both have an immense amount of experience and knowledge with BMW's, and it clearly showed. Scott, the mechanic who worked on my car, went in extreme detail about every part he repaired, why he repaired it, and how the parts affect the operation of the car. I couldn't have been more impressed and pleased with the work done, and the level of expertise and generosity displayed by Dan and Scott.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Autoscandia for your BMW.

Yelp Review: January 27, 2015
Saul C., Washington, DC

I've been bringing my 2005 BMW 330i to Autoscandia for a couple of years (after a recommendation from a fellow BMW owner) and have been very pleased with Dan's service. He really knows Bimmers and has properly repaired everything that has gone wrong with it (gasket, steering column, oil filter housing, bushings, etc.).

Name: Bill Bradford
From: <br      @       .net>
Date: September 5, 2014 10:41 PM
To: Mark Bredesen <>
Vehicle: 2007 BMW 335i Coupe
Subject: WOW! This really is the BEST car repair service!

Dear Mark:  Was I really in a car shop waiting room? WiFi, soft drinks and coffees, comfortable chairs, newspapers, current magazines, bright cheery banter amongst service employees?

I was lucky enough to have a friend in Reston who owns an M3 and is one of your clients, recommend your business to me after I began to wrestle with the reality that my own top end gasket work under the hood would not solve the now apparent bottom end leak, ultimately the oil pan gasket.

I called the BMW service advisor Dan who promptly walked me through the possible scenarios and offered to work me into your already full schedule. Barely a few days later I drove 63 miles one way in the early morning, met a very accommodating Dan and within an hour of arrival was underneath the car with your expert technician Scott.

He politely and precisely showed me what was wrong and what could be made right.  Not only did he take me on a test drive after his initial diagnostic drive, he pointed out the solution in detail (I'm a car guy and pretty handy, and I really appreciated that!)

He noted unrelated issues with an aftermarket dying battery (unregistered to the cars computer), and told me the car would not need any front end alignment after the oil pan gasket is fixed. Scott really knows his BMWs - I have never worked with a technician like this who could so artfully cover both the soft skills of customer service and the tech side of sequential teardown steps and repair.

Dan came out to the floor, we 3 talked about the solution, he worked up a cost effective estimate, I gave them the green light, and the next day I picked up my car - all fixed, estimate right on the money, battery replaced and registered, no leaks, front end driving straight and true - perfect execution as promised.

Over 700 miles later, no issues (The coupe used to consume a quart of oil within 1000 miles).  I have a longer than industry standard (repair shop) work warranty, new colleagues I can call on for advice, and renewed faith that very high level cost effective customer service still exists in your line of work.

I read the stories about you in the lounge, saw the awards, watched closely the interaction of your employees - my hat is off to you and your leadership skills in building one of Virginia's and America's best small businesses, and to Dan and Scott for following in your footsteps! I have advised 2 of my 3 BMW owning children and a work friend to seek you out for their maintenance needs, and they will not be disappointed.

From a new, happy client who has spent decades as a demanding customer in the procurement world, a big thank you!


Name: Lawrence Walker
From: <l      @       .com>
Date: January 31, 2014 2:01 PM
To: Mark Bredesen <>
Vehicle: BMW 328i
Subject: Wonderful Service to my car

Comments: To: Mark Bredesen Owner of Autoscandia

Mark I would to share with you my experience at Autoscandia. Your staff to include Dan Paub and your BMW Specialist Scott L. Wilson are second to none.

I am extremely careful leaving my 1998 528I BMW with 48000 miles with just anyone.( I don't worship the car only respect it.) After reading the wonderful letters from customers I was compelled to test your company’s reputation. You are the Best of the Best.

Dan Panb called me several hours after the assessment was done and shared his repair recommendations, also giving me what could wait until my next visit. As I gave Dan my decision he gave me a quote for the completed job. When I picked the car up I was expecting a twenty to forty dollar increase over his final repair cost. My final bill was exactly what he quoted me. So many repair companies and dealers give you a lower balance on the phone. Scott Wilson, was one of the best Specialist I've experienced in an auto repair company. He introduced himself before I left the shop and gave me fundamental details of the repairs and internal functions of the car. He answered all of my questions and made sure I understood his recommendations. Thank you Scott.

Thanks for your professionalism, vehicle knowledge and overall customer relations. I will send my family and friends to Autoscanda.

My Best!!! Lawrence

Name: Ed Wotring
From: <s      @       .com>
Date: December 04, 2013 3:31 PM
To: Customer Service <>
Vehicle: BMW 325i
Subject: Your new loyal customer

Comments: Today was my first visit to Autoscandia. I have never been so impressed. You gentlemen are extremely knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Finally after years of searching, I have found one the best auto repair business in the area. Please tell Scott and the fellow at the front desk thanks for taking extra time to service my problem.


Wanted to thank you again for your time driving my car and helping me assess what needs to be done and when. I really appreciate your ability and input, and time is always short.

Thanks again!
Micki Moravitz

From: <b      @       .com>
Date: July 23, 2013, 10:15:49 AM EDT
To: Customer Service <>
Subject: Special Thanks

Dear Mark, Wayne,

As long-term customers (~30 years), Mary and I have always admired the exceptional quality of your staff. Those we have had the pleasure to encounter over the years, ranging from the most experienced auto mechanics to the technicians supporting them, service writers and advisors, parts specialists, and others, have been consistently superb. Among the best at what they do technically, they are equally adept at the art of customer service. The quality, integrity, and commitment exemplified by your staff truly distinguish AutoScandia and are a credit to your business vision and leadership.

Service advisors are the vital link between the customer and the specialists who maintain our vehicles (at this point, two older Volvos and a Toyota). Earlier this year, all three were in the shop on multiple occasions for repairs ranging from routine to complex. We would like to especially commend the outstanding customer service provided by Rachid Rouiller during this period. As he has done for many years, Rachid took the initiative to keep us informed, provide insights, and explore the most promising options available. He has gone out of his way to be helpful, offering to extend himself after hours when necessary to help resolve a problem or simplify the logistics involved in cycling multiple vehicles through the shop. He is reliably upbeat and reassuring in his communications, and he is adept at translating technical issues into language intelligible to those of us with limited mechanical backgrounds. Above all, he is welcoming and authoritative, professional but down to earth. Rachid instills in his customers a sense of confidence that their interests will be properly addressed.

Again, our special thanks to Rachid and to all of you for the exceptional service you provide in keeping our vehicles up and running at their best.

Appreciatively, Charlie & Mary Saunders

A stock 2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI set a new Guinness World Record for fuel economy for a non-hybrid car at an amazing 77.99 mpg! Autoscandia is proud to have been chosen to certify the mileage for Guinness Book of World Records. Here is what some of our customers wrote in response to this announcement:

Date: June 27, 2013, 4:37:41 PM EDT
To: Customer Service <>
Subject: Re: Happy July 4th from AutoScandia, Inc.
From: Mary Wolfe <               @   .com>

Dear Mark,
It is no surprise to me that Auto Scandia was chosen for this challenge. My husband, John and I were customers of yours for over 20 years. I now live in the Charlotte, NC area, and one of the things I miss about No. VA is Auto Scandia. It is a comforting thing to know when you are getting your car serviced, you can really trust the recommendations of the mechanic and the shop. You were a blessing in our lives and I am sure are still running the business with excellence, as always.

Blessings, Mary Wolfe


Date: June 27, 2013, 5:08:32 PM EDT
To: Customer Service <>
Subject: Re: Happy July 4th from AutoScandia, Inc. and back at YOU
From: Beatriz Rodriguez <               @   .com>

Congratulations for having been asked to certify VW TDI for the guinness book of world records and for your 35 years of great service. Autoscandia ROCKS!!!
Happy July 4th to you all.

Tomas and Beatriz Rodriguez, Juan and Carlos Salazar (our children and clients as well :)

Date: February 22, 2013, 6:47:15 PM EST
To: Customer Service <>
From: William Perry <               @   .com>

Vehicle: Saab 9-3 (1999)
Subject: Recent Service

I brought my wife's Saab in for an oil change and was told at that time that the car had two oil leaks, one of which was a new head gasket. Louis Panameno explained what was involved with each. He also recommended that getting the 120,000 mile service. We brought the car back and my wife says it runs better now than when it was brand new. The suspension is tighter. The acceleration is better. And Louis fixed several other small things that he didn't have to. Louis said that the car is in very good shape making me feel that it would be worth putting money into a 14-year-old car.

My wife loves her Saab and AutoScandia is the only place she wants to take it for maintenance.

From: Susan Tahernia <               @   .com>
: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 14:09:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Thank You

I wanted to thank you for speaking with me Friday evening about the issue with my car. The "quick fix" you recommended did the trick -- the "service engine soon" light disappeared just like you predicted it would. I really appreciate you for sharing your tip with me.

Thanks so much,
Susan Tahernia

Date: November 28, 2012 12:12 PM
To: Customer Service <>

Name: Barbara Judge
Email: <            @       .com>
Subject: Repair of Car on 11/27/12

Dear Mark

My car needed to be towed in yesterday from the library parking lot since it would not start. I had a very busy day planned, not the least of which was picking up someone at Dulles airport at 4 PM. From my first phone call to Wayne, before I called AAA for a tow, to Rachid fitting me into the schedule, and to Ray driving me home, everyone went above and beyond the call of duty. When Ray dropped me off, I realized Jim had locked the screen door and I could not get into the house, even after trying several options. Ray brought me back to the office and Rachid was able to have Paul look at the car since he was finishing up another job. Paul identified the problem and fixed it while I waited (I was going NO WHERE). The tow truck picked me up at 11 AM and I was back on the road by 1 PM... now that is service!!!

As you well know, we have been bringing our cars to you for service since about 1984. Besides the technical skills of your mechanics, Wayne, Rachid, Ray and Paul know the meaning of customer service, and Jim and I appreciate that.

Thanks, Barbara

From: "Daniel Huthwaite " <                   @      .com>
Date:December 27, 2011 10:30:42 PM EST
To: Customer Service <>


I just read your emailed newsletter and when I came to the last piece, about the customer with the radiator leak, I realized that I hadn't thanked you for the unbelievable effort you put into the repair of my son Clayton's 1988 240 (the distributor appears to have cured the problem.) Everything you said in that narrative is true and we've been customers of yours since the early 80s (before you moved from across the street).

From giving my wife a lift home when she was stranded at your shop to actually taking my son's car home with you to try to determine why it kept stalling out, you have always been there for us. Your pricing has always been fair and we have had our share of "no charge" surprises. Your company is a reflection of the type of person you are and that's why we keep coming back, why we refer you to others (my daughter and her husband, her in laws, my co-workers and anyone that asks for a reference of a reputable repair shop) and why I always feel good when I leave your place. My wallet is always substantially lighter, but at least I know I've received an honest diagnosis, a fair price and am treated more like family than a paying customer.

There is no one else out there that I know of that lives out the Golden Rule through their business like you do. Please don't change anything. Thanks again, and I hope you and your crew have a very happy and successful 2012.

Dan Huthwaite, Great Falls, VA

From: Desiree T Santa
To: Sherri Bredesen
Date: 11/23/2011 09:29 AM
Subject: Thank you!

Problem solved in less than 15 minutes!  The staff was so nice! I'm going to have to bring them some baked  Christmas treats next month!

Thank you and please thank Mark for us!

From: "Danielle Nesbit" <                   @      .   >
Date: October 10, 2011 8:39:26 AM EDT
To: Customer Service <>
Subject: Auto Service

This email is meant for Mr. Mark Bredesen, President of Auto Scandia Services. My name is Danielle and I am a recent customer at the Herndon, VA location. This past weekend, I went to your shop in Herndon, where I encountered customer service in a way that I have never experienced, especially at an auto shop. I took my car in for a safety inspection. There, the inspector that was assigned to my vehicle was Fransisco. He went above and beyond to assist me and answer all of my questions and concerns dealing with my car. He was extremely polite and went above-and-beyond his "duties" and "obligations".

I would like to commend and thank him for all his hard work and generosity upon my visit. Thanks to him, Auto Scandia in Herndon, VA will be my usual place of automotive business.

Thank You,
Danielle Nesbit

From: "Griffin, Michael" <                   @      .com>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Contact AutoScandia's owner
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 22:51:20 +0000

Mark and Staff,

Thanks for the excellent support today.  I'm new to the area, having just retired from the FBI, and starting the private sector here in the Herndon area so I was pleased to find your web site and shop location proximity.  Your web site design and function were very helpful.  Robert was very knowledgeable on the phone with pricing.  Rachid called to advise my front brakes would go metal-to-metal prior to my next service, a great catch by your technician, so we went forward with their replacement too.  The price was fair and you fit it all in prior to the end of the business day.

I really want to applaud the newly minted shuttle service program.  Winston is a true gentleman.  He brought me back to the office and picked me up again once the service was completed.  "Door-To-Door Service" with timely communications of intent are something most of us thought went out twenty plus years ago.

Jobs well done.  Cheers mates.

I'll be back,
Michael P. Griffin


Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 10:58:30 EST
Subject: Thank you


Just a quick note to thank you again for your help -- my repair was done this morning and I'm already back home! Please also extend my appreciation to Dan, Rasheed, and Doug for getting me in and out today quickly and painlessly.

You've got a class operation there!

Susan Tahernia

From: Martin Goldberg <m    @     .com >
 Subject: Great service
 Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 16:52:51 -0500


I wanted to write you since we spoke last--and with the results of the work that Jeremy Hoover had done on my 2005 TT in mid November.  The work was complete and of a high quality on all counts.  The car since then, has driven great.  Jeremy took care of things quickly and effectively, helping me see which items were essential to handle at the moment, and those we could attend to in the next six months.  I feel in very capable hands, Mark.  You had told me Jeremy was exceptional in his knowledge and skills--and you were right!  I was looking for just such a relationship with a technical Audi expert who could come to know my car and who I could really rely on.

Because this service has been so good, we've returned with our old '99 Volvo S70 my son now drives to get that up to snuff. My son told me too the staff was great to work with.  In fact, when I picked him up as he left off the auto the other day, I also took the opportunity to ask the staff at the front desk if Jeremy was in and I could see him about a headlamp bulb that had gone out on the TT since I was in last.  (I happened to have a xenon replacement bulb with me from an earlier non-factory kit I had bought over the net, and wondered if by chance I could get that installed when I was there with my son.) The staff was very amenable to contact Jeremy and let him know of my request, who met me at the front of the shop and was really easy about just popping the bulb in at the moment. What's more, he did this at no charge--even making a slight modification to the plastic fitting on the bulb so it would readily seat when he installed it. This is really service above and beyond--from Jeremy and the team.

I wanted to write you and let you know how satisfied I was with this--and with AutoScandia. Thanks for taking the time to connect with me as you did in November.

Hope your Christmas and New Years were great.

Best regards,
Marty Goldberg
Great Falls, VA

Acura Testimonials

The customer service manager is always available to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to call at 703-471-4494 or E-mail us at

BMW Testimonials

From: Mobile Alerts
Date: August 7, 2015 at 7:20:47 PM EDT
To: Customer Service <>
Subject: New message from your mobile website,
Reply-To: <a        @     .com>

Subject: My BMW 528i

Message: Your service people replaced a headlamp, my oil and repaired steering belt issue on Friday, August 7.
This was the most efficient, painless, friendliest and by far most pleasant car repair service I've ever had anywhere!

Thank you Autoscandia. You can be sure I'll be back and I'll refer friends and family.

Annie Proeschold

From: Parikshith Reddy <            @       .com>
Date: September 16, 2013 9:13:25 PM EDT
To: Customer Service <>
Subject: Recent Service


I am writing this email as a humble note of appreciation for the quality service provided by your BMW staff - "Scott " today, i.e. September 16, 2013.

He went above and beyond to assist me and answer all of my questions and concerns dealing with my car. He was extremely polite and I'm very pleased on how passionate he was about his customers and in taking the care to explain the details.

I would like to commend and thank him for all his hard work and generosity upon my visit. Thanks to him, Auto Scandia in Herndon, VA will be my usual place of automotive business. I will be happy to recommend friends and family to Autoscandia.

Thanks, Parikshith

Date: October 5, 2011 7:44:50 AM EDT
To: Customer Service <>

Name: Stephen Parra
Email: <            @       .com>
Vehicle: BMW 325i
Subject: Thank You


I had good intentions as I was trying to do some preventative maintenance by changing out the oxygen sensors. Got three out of four changed and the last POST-CAT sensor wouldn't budge. I mangled it pretty good too. The team at Auto Scandia was absolutely great. This particular problem had some expensive potential consequences and as I started to ask detailed questions to weigh my options, Dan was extremely patient and helpful over the phone. He even let me talk to the master mechanic Bruce who very nicely explained in detail what his recommendations were and the risks involved. Most shops don't do this very well.

Due to Bruce's expertise and determination he was able to get the sensor off preventing a $1700+ replacement cost of the catalytic converter. Their labor rates are fair and my past experience with them is that they don't gouge you with markup on parts. They will install parts you supply them without a fuss either. Drive by sometime and look at their shop too. It's big and you can tell they've invested in it.

You can trust these people to take of your car, answer your questions to your satisfaction, and walk out of there satisfied knowing you had a quality repair and were treated right.

Thanks again Bruce and Dan for your professionalism and great work.

This feedback form was submitted by Sally A. Buckley <            @       .com>
On 03:56 PM Sunday September 04th, 2011

Name: Sally A. Buckley
Email: <            @       .com>
Vehicle: BMW 330 XI
Subject: Testimonial
Comments: Re: Service to BMW, 330XI and Dan & BMW Team!!

I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation to Dan and the team working on my BMW. I was exceedingly impressed with the communication/service on the phone followed by a very complete discussion about the work needed. I am very satisfied with all aspects of the car repair and the superb interaction. The work was completed on time not bruised too badly on price.

I only wish I had found you sooner!! I will return to Auto Scandia for service and refer other colleagues to you.

Many Thanks ~ Sally Buckley

From: Steve & Jeanie <               @          .net>
Date: August 10, 2011 7:08:25 AM EDT
To: Customer Service <>
Subject: Thank You!!!

Mr. Bredesen:

I am remiss in sending you this short note of appreciation for the outstanding service we have received from your staff. Of special mention is Dan who has been incredibly attentive to repairing my BMW ensuring that I have been minimally inconvenienced. Dan obviously cares about his customers and is proud of the company that he works for. Please let Dan know that because of this outstanding service, I have convinced my husband (Steve) that we will always own a BMW.

It is quite obvious, Mr. Bredesen, that you have grown your business on exceptional customer service. Because of this unique quality, I am sure that you will continue to grow.

Again, thank you to all, particularly to Dan.

Continued good luck to you and your staff.

Jeanie Testa

Name: Taimur Khan
Email:             @        .com
Phone: 703-   -     
Vehicle: BMW 525 2002
Subject: Visits

Comments: I wanted to send this note to the owner: I have a new (under warranty) 5-series and a 2002. Since I moved to Northern Virginia, I have been bringing my 2002 to your location for service. Your technical work/diagnosis is always cost effective, efficient, and competent. I come at regular intervals for pro-active maintenance, and so far that has worked in giving me a worry free driving experience. This has given me the keep confidence to driving the car since I have not owned a 10-year old German vehicle before.

More importantly, your staff’s courteous and cordial tone always exudes a positive attitude. I always feel that I can trust your crew when I come there. It’s not an experience I can say I have when I go to a dealer. Even though my other vehicle is under warranty, I always feel the sincerity is lacking. Keep up the good work and my neighbor finally brought his car to you

Thanks again to you and your team! I was happy when you Finally added BMW to your line-up several years ago.

security code: 3 mrs8v
Action: Send

From: Hammond, Michael [mailto:        @       .com]
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2011 3:43 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Doug and Scott - Thank You

I would like to personally thank Doug and Scott for their willingness to help me out today. My hood latch was stuck on my 540i and I needed to put coolant and oil in my car for a drive to Baltimore airport. Understanding the hood latch issues with BMW's is not an easy thing to deal with, they were both ready and able to assist me in getting it open and put in the fluids until I return from my business trip on Friday.

I am new to Reston so I thought it was important to let Autoscandia know you know have a new loyal customer because of the helpfulness and expertise of Doug and Scott. I look forward to having them service my car going forward.

Kind Regards, Mike

The customer service manager is always available to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to call at 703-471-4494 or E-mail us at

Saab Testimonials

From: Mobile Alerts
Date: April 27, 2015 at 9:36:57 PM EDT
To: Customer Service
Subject: New message from your mobile website,
Subject: Reply-To:<joe      @       .com>

Subjects: Your Work

Again another great experience with my Saab 97X. I go by a shop 5 mins from where I live to bring my vehicle to your staff. They also work on Saabs, Volvos and BMWs. Thanks again.

Joe Mokler

Name:Angela Millender
From: an      @        .com
Date: January 18, 2013 10:19 PM

Vehicle:  Saab 9-3 conv.
Subject: Visit to AutoScandia


During my visit today, I waited while my Saab was checked out for breaks and a steering noise. Having a Saab specialist in Newport News who has worked on Saabs in Italy for over 20 years, I was a bit hesitant about Auto Scandia as I have been ripped off by other auto repair shops in the No. VA area since relocating here.

I was extremely impressed by the prompt service and attention to detail that Louis provided when he went over the problems. He was very helpful in answering my questions. Furthermore, he even suggested that I hold off on work that was not a priority - this erased any doubts and fears that I had that I would be ripped off or taken advantage of as many females are when having their vehicles repairs.

I was blown away by the customer service that he provided - he was very thorough in going over the notes and extremely nice, he even went out of his way to show me how low my power steering fluid was and topped it off at no charge - one does not come by customer service like this in our country anymore, let alone in the auto industry! I look forward to having Louis service my vehicle.

Name: Rob Abbott
From: r      @        .org
Date: November 15, 2012 4:41 PM

Vehicle: 2005 Saab 9-5
Subject: Great first impression by Louis

Comments: Mr. Bredesen:

As a new customer, I wanted to send you a quick note to share what a great first impression Louis left me with today.

I just bought a used Saab for our teenage daughter; it is one that you had maintained for years so I knew it had been well cared for. However, as a do-it-yourselfer, I was eager to learn how to properly care for this car myself. Louis kindly took the time to answer my many questions, inspected every inch of the engine, and guided me in how to solve the little problems that had presented themselves.

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that such a knowledgeable, experienced Saab technician was willing to take the time to educate me. Rest assured, I will be bringing my new Saab back to Louis whenever I get in over my head.

Please pass along my appreciation.

Rob Abbott The world's latest "Saab nut"

Name: Joseph Drew
From: j      @        .net
Date: October 4, 2012 01:06 PM

Vehicle: Saab 9-5
Subject: Louis Panameno

Comments: Dear Mr. Bredesen:

Today I went to Autoscandia terrified that my Saab was giving up the ghost.

Louis took me immediately and spent a long time looking over the car. He went with me for a drive in it, too. He found the cause of trouble. His advice was sage. It saved me plenty of money and, most important, it gave me and my wife peace of mind.

Mr. Panameno is a terrific person -- bright, thoughtful, and highly knowledgeable. He's admirable in every way. Thank you very much for the wonderful work he does.

Also, Wayne Nord guided me well when I called, concerned, last night. He, also, is a man a totally trust and admire.

What a terrific leadership you have at Autoscandia.

Joe Drew

Volvo Testimonial

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Let's hope this is the end of searching for parts for my Saab!

Jane Chancler

From: g      @        .net
Date: December 22, 2010 8:07:50 AM EST

Compliments to your Saab Mechanic!

Dear Sirs,
I just wanted to say "Thank You" in writing for the good service I received these past two days at AutoScandia. The entire process, from making an appointment to getting a car loaner, was an easy one.  I feel confident letting my teenage driver behind the wheel of my 1999 Saab after all the attention the car has enjoyed. Your Saab mechanic, Lewis, was thorough, thoughtful and instructive throughout the repair process. 

Happy Holidays!
Sarah Goewey

Name: Joseph Drew
From: j      @        .net
Date: July 26, 2012 01:45 PM EST

Vehicle: Saab 2001
Subject: Thank You

Comments: Dear Mr. Bredesen:

The old lady who is masquerading as my Saab 2001, which I bought several years ago from you, recently has been showing signs of the inevitable ravages of the aging process. 
I came in last week for an oil change and ended up having an oil pump reseal.  Then, a day later, the car collapsed and we had it towed back to your shop -- on Monday we were told that it was the serpentine belt. 
Louis Panameno installed that, but he did more checking afterward.  He discovered that the water pump was malfunctioning.  So, thanks to that discovery, we had a new water pump put in.
If it were not for Mr. Panameno's expertise, extensive damage would have occurred in the near future, I am sure. 
So, congratulations on having Mr. Panameno as your Saab expert.  Actually, he has done a great job on the car throughout the period I've owned it.  I have the feeling with Louis that the car is in great hands.

Sincerely yours,  Joe Drew

Volkswagen Testimonials

From:              @           .com 
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 18:03:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Contact AutoScandia's owner

Dear Mark,

I wanted to let you know about a "super great extraordinary job" performed by your VW Specialist Jeremy. I own a 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg that I purchased in February 2007 from Fairfax Imports. Over the past four years, I have had this vehicle in and out of the service department on many occasions to correct a problem associated with the Check Engine Light. In 2009, during the first time I had to get an emission test for tag renewal, the car was diagnosed including the conduct of a smoke test that resulted in the replacement of cam adjuster seals and V/C gasket. This lasted for a month and again the problem with the Check Engine Light coming on again. The service department made complimentary repairs to the Bypass hose clamp, and again the light continue to stay on.

In February 2011, I had the car in for another emission test whereby the CE light had been on for over a year, sometimes it would go off by itself and come back on again. The car was diagnosed before the granting of an emission test to have had three fault codes concerning Secondary Air/Lean Mixture, Throttle Mixture Valve drop and the Throttle body needed cleaning. Fairfax recommended the replacement of a Leak Detection Pump which to me seemed very costly as was the case in 2009. I decided to decline the service and seek out the opinion of another VW Specialist. In my searching, I can across AutoScandia, whom I have known in the 1990s when I had Volvos out of warranty that were serviced there. I wrote an email to AutoScandia explaining this problem and the next day I received a call from Jeremy.

I dropped the vehicle off on Thursday and Jeremy and Robert had the car scheduled for evaluation on Tuesday the next week. Jeremy conducted tests of all the components that were mentioned in the Fairfax diagnostics and found them to be in working order. What he discovered in conducting all the tests was two fault codes leading him to check for a Suction Jet Valve that was blocked causing oil vapors to enter the fuel system making the fuel trim too rich. This also caused the spark plugs to become fouled. He replaced the Suction Jet Valve and Spark Plugs and made the manufacturer spec adjustments to the fuel trims and set the throttle adaptions, including settings to the manufacturer specifications. He called me on Wednesday and the car was ready for pickup. I picked up the car, its drives and runs better and have noticed an improvement in the gas mileage.

I am pleased to know that AutoScandia provides great and honest service to its customers by taking pride in its work. I would highly recommend AutoScandia to all of my co-workers and friends who have vehicles similar to mine for service.

AutoScandia has more than earned my customer loyalty.


Volvo Testimonials

From: Beverly <            @     .com>
Date: November 10, 2015 at 1:43:45 PM EST
To: Customer Service <>
Subject: Re: A message from the owner of Autoscandia

Dear Mark,

It was a pleasure to receive your email this morning about changing fluids in my car.  I only wish it were possible to bring my 1993  940 Volvo wagon back to your shop for some loving care; I miss the convenience as well!  Madame Merlot has just turned over all the 6's (66,666 miles) and she is a pretty lively girl for her age.  I got her new tires; she handles the freeways well and is just as good on the back roads.  I took her to a shop that specialized in Volvos for her first checkup, and found them not only a long trip, but needing a lot of explanations and descriptions.  I found another closer shop whose owner had been in business many years and had inherited it from his father, who owned nothing but Volvos and loved them.  Although he handles other brands, his heart is still in Volvos.  So far this has worked very well for both Madame and me.

I remember you and Raschid with affection and thankfulness for helping me so often, especially with finding me a way to ship Madame out here.  She was very happy to see me out here and bounded off the carrier like a young car!  I took her for a special washup and I swear she purred afterward.  We aren't allowed to wash our cars at home because of the water shortage here, but she goes to the car wash to get the dust off and a much better cleaning than I could give her with a bucket.

Please remember me to Raschid and your staff.  I send you all blessings from California!

Beverly Killpack
Walnut Creek, California

From: Jos J. Francis <            @     .net>
To: Customer Service <>
Date: July 23, 2013, 10:33:13 PM EDT
Subject: Message for Mark

Thank you for your patience and fortitude in searching out our request for an XC90. Needless to say the staff performed superbly in all steps involved in the service and purchasing of our “new” Volvo XC90.

I have always felt that every encounter I’ve had over our 40+year relationship has always been top drawer. I am especially appreciative of the value added in this purchase with your including the new head lighting system. I recall your newsletter on this subject several years ago; and this evening I had occasion to see the system in action as I drove home from a late evening board meeting. WOW. The illumination on both sides of the road exceeded any expectations I derived from the earlier newsletter article.

Thanks to you and all of the wonderful folks that make up the AutoScandia team.

Warm regards, Joe
From: Eric Shor <           @     .com>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 11:24:53 -0400
Subject: A note of thanks re: Mike Sobieck

I'm a current Volvo customer but am in the process of looking at new cars. I was interested in getting some opinions on the VW TDIs wrt repair records and problems. Mike was a pleasure to talk to and I wanted to let you know, as the owner, how nice it was to get an objective opinion. As an owner, I'm hopeful you appreciate emails, such as these, praising various staff members (when applicable).

Respectfully, Eric Shor

Thomas C. Tamacclo
XXX   Xxxxxxxx Place
Herndon, VA 20170
29 October 2011

Mr. Mark Bredesen
Autoscandia, Inc.
134 Spring St.
Herndon, VA 20170

Dear Mark:

I am writing to call your attention - once again - to the superb customer service provided to us by Mr. Wayne Nord. Specifically in regard to servicing our 2001 S60 Volvo, Wayne went above and beyond normal service expectations in resolving a nagging problem with the Check Engine light during the S60's 90K service this past August. When the replacement of the fuel cap failed to solve the problem Wayne had me bring the 560 back and the technicians re-ran the diagnostics. This time they successfully traced the issue to a cracked "J" hose at the charcoal canister.

A run-of-the-mill auto repair facility would have charged twice for the diagnostic operation, and for the labor to replace the "J" hose. Not Autoscandia. My only cost was for the "J" hose part. Wayne stated that the Check Engine message can be tricky to solve, but that it should have been fixed the first time. This exceptional can-do attitude will keep us coming back to Autoscandia!

Unfortunately, not with this vehicle. Sadly, I must report the demise of this beautifully maintained emerald green 2001 S60 Volvo. lt -- along with 12 other vehicles -- was totaled in a parking lot smash up caused by an out of control driver at my son's college in September.

We'll see you next time in something else...

Thomas C. Tamaccio

Volvo TestimonialMark and Staff,

Thank you for your dedication, flexibility and determination to identify and resolve the electrical system problem in my Volvo. The professionalism and genuine concern show by all at Autoscandia is a blessing to all your clients.

Thanks Again, may God continue to be seen and glorified in your life.


From: Hughes, Patrick <           @     .org>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 11:55:13 -0500
Subject: Contact AutoScandia's owner

I want to take a moment to recognize the fact that Jeremy (VW specialist) represented your company exceedingly well-on the phone and in person. I'm relatively new to the area and just bought a 2002 VW Passat-which was in need of a timing belt replacement. I found your company on the internet and placed a call.

I spoke to Jeremy. He was polite and incredibly informative. The phone conversation sold me on taking my car to your shop. When I picked up my car, I got to meet Jeremy. He was just as professional and informative in person. Answered all my questions. I feel confident my car received top-notch service and will take both my VW's to your shop for future repairs...and will recommend your shop to my friends.

Patrick Hughes

From: Steve Menard (m      @      .com>
Sent: Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Subject: Special Thanks to Paul
 I wanted to take the time to drop a huge thank you to your mechanic, Paul.  I stopped by yesterday afternoon looking for a part for my 1993 Volvo 240 Wagon, and when the people at the front desk could not identify the part, Paul stopped his work and came up to the front to help me out.  When he had trouble figuring out where the part was in my car, he offered to sacrifice more of his time to come take a look at my car and figure out what was wrong. 
After looking into the problem, he then took my car around back, once again taking time away from whatever he was working on, and performed a quick fix on what was wrong.  This was an extremely nice and unselfish thing for him to have done, as he went well above and beyond what I had expected.  I simply came in to find a part I thought I needed, and instead I walked away with the problem fixed for free by a mechanic who was already working on something else at the time. 
I wanted to extend my gratitude to Paul for helping me, he is a great example of a good mechanic and a great person.  It is for actions such as this that I continue to drive all the way out to Autoscandia to have my car serviced.

    Happy Holidays to you and your staff, and a special thanks to Paul.


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