Saab Service and Maintenance

AUTOSCANDIA is your conveniently located Northern Virginia Saab Repair Specialist

Reasons why you should make AutoScandia your Saab shop:

  1. Dealer-level Saab Expertise at independent Saab shop pricing. No other Saab shop offers a better value when you consider both price and expertise.
  2. Dedicated Experts who work on only one make – Saab and nothing else.
  3. Saab-specific Tools – a full array for every year and model of Saab.
  4. Diagnostics Software licensed by Saab Cars North America
  5. Only What You Need When You Need It. We are looking to establish a long-term relationship not a quick profit. AutoScandia operates at the highest level of integrity. When we discuss your car’s needs, we will never exaggerate that need.
  6. Affordable Alternatives.  We use original equipment parts. As an alternative, we offer used parts with an extended warranty but we never compromise on quality. If a used part does not meet our standards, it will not be installed.
Saab expert repair

Phone: (703) 471-4494