Meet Our Team


Our exceptional team of mechanics and staff deliver personalized care for your vehicle. Our team consists of factory-trained technicians using factory diagnostic equipment. We are dedicated to providing quality service for our community.


CEO / Owner

Mark, our CEO and Owner has grown AutoScandia into an award-winning, highly rated auto repair and service provider. When he isn’t running his company, he enjoys spending time with his wife. Though he has seen many cars in his days, he is especially fond of the Volvo 164E 4-speed.


Senior Technician

Paul is a highly dedicated member of our team and has been with AutoScandia for an astounding 38 years. He likes those classic, vintage 60s Volkswagen buses. Paul is a bold motocross racer, as he speeds around the circuits with his sons.


General Manager

As general manager, Wayne is a well-rounded team member. When he isn’t running around the shop, he runs around outside. Wayne also enjoys spending time with his family. He has been with AutoScandia for 20 years and he appreciates all Saab cars.


Lead BMW Technician

As a BMW Technician, Doug especially appreciates the high-performance M3. He has been with AutoScandia for 8 years. When he’s not in the shop, he likes to design movie theaters in his house.


Volvo Specialist

Jon’s favorite car is the fast and powerful Camaro. Naturally, he likes to go drag racing. Jon, aka Big Jon, has been with AutoScandia for 4 years.


Porsche, Audi, VW Specialist

As a natural automobile repairer, Mike has been working on restoring a 71 Chevrolet Chevelle. He has 3 kids, who he takes to sports and guitar practice. Mike has been with AutoScandia for 6 years and his favorite car is a 68 Shelby GT500.


Mercedes / Mini / Porsche / Audi / VW Advisor

Gene is our well-rounded advisor to several car makes and models. He has been with AutoScandia for 2 years and his favorite car is a Porsche 993. Gene enjoys spending time with his kids and motorcycling.


Service Advisor

Glenn has been with AutoScandia for 8 years. He is a dedicated, hard worker who enjoys taking care of customers. His favorite car is a sleek Mercedes C300.


BMW Advisor

Glenn is one of the newest additions to our team. Outside of BMW’s, he loves his Harley.


Volvo Advisor

Tim has been with AutoScandia for 4 years and his favorite car is an old Chevy 2. When he isn’t working, he enjoys being outside and spending time with his kids.


Front Office Coordinator

Zach, who greets customers as they come in, is our front office coordinator and has been with AutoScandia for 3 years. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and (attempting) to play his guitar.


Parts Coordinator

Avery is another new addition to our team. He spends his free time watching dance shows. Avery doesn’t have a favorite car, he just appreciates anything that moves.   


European Specialist

Eddie has been with AutoScandia for 3 years. He is a family-oriented father of 4 kids and appreciates too many cars to pick a favorite.


Mercedes Specialist

Mike is a new addition to the AutoScandia team. As a Mercedes Technician, his favorite car is of course a Mercedes, specifically the E-Class. He also likes to watch NASCAR and go to races. His favorite NASCAR driver is Martin Truex Jr. #78.


Parkway Technician

Brian has been a technician at AutoScandia for 9 years and he likes Ford Mustang cars. He also enjoys fishing and gardening.


Shuttle driver

Pheng is our friendly driver, shuttling customers around the area. He has been a team member at AutoScandia for 6 years. Outside of being our driver, he is also a gardener.


Volvo Specialist

Dave’s dedication to AutoScandia has amounted to 38 years with the company. Dave’s favorite hobby is collecting model trains. His favorite car is a 1929 Ford Model A, one of Ford Motor Company’s original major successes.

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